Cracker Barrel Survey to Win $100 Gift Card 2024

The Cracker Barrel Survey at Cracker Barrel official website offers you the chance to provide feedback on your latest experience at one of their locations. This survey only takes about 10 minutes to complete and gives you an opportunity to share your honest thoughts. As a bonus, you can also enter to win some great prizes just for participating!

To take part, you simply need to reflect on your most recent visit to Cracker Barrel and answer some questions about it. The survey covers topics like the service you received, the food, the atmosphere, and overall experience. All responses will be kept completely confidential.

This is a great way to let Cracker Barrel hear directly from customers like yourself. By completing the survey, you can help them identify strengths as well as areas for improvement. Your perspectives are truly valued and will assist Cracker Barrel in enhancing their customer satisfaction.

Eligibility for the survey rewards is limited to U.S. residents ages 18 and up, with a limit of one entry per week. Taking just a few minutes to thoughtfully complete the Cracker Barrel customer satisfaction survey could lead to fantastic prizes, while also helping this popular chain continue delighting its patrons.

Steps To Take the Official Cracker Barrel Survey

I you want to boost your Cracker Barrel Survey winning chance just follow below steps carefully:

Cracker Barrel survey step 1
Cracker Barrel survey step 2
cracker barrel survey dine in select
Cracker Barrel Survey Start Answering
Cracker Barrel Survey Provide special comments
Cracker Barrel Survey joining the sweeps
Cracker Barrel Survey contact information
Submit Cracker Barrel Survey

If you prefer to take the Cracker Barrel Survey over the phone rather than online, you can call 800-467-0047 to complete it by answering the questions via the automated survey system. Details

Cracker Barrel Survey Website
Survey NameWin a Rocking Chair or a $100 Gift Card, Winner’s Choice
Entry TypeOnline and mail-in
Mail-in Entry LimitUnlimited
Online Entry Limit1 Receipt Survey per Week
Age Limit18 & Older
DurationEvery month from 1st to last day
Entries1 per receipt
Purchase Required?No

Cracker Barrel Survey Requirement

To start, you’ll need a receipt from your recent visit to Cracker Barrel. Make sure to have this handy, as your receipt contains an access code you’ll need to enter to begin the survey.

Start the survey, by visiting and select your preferred language – English or Spanish.

You’ll need to enter the access code, date, and time printed on your Cracker Barrel receipt from your recent visit. This allows them to match up your feedback.

The survey will ask you some questions about the various aspects of your last Cracker Barrel experience. Please give your open and honest opinions.

Once you complete the survey, you’ll be entered into the ongoing monthly sweepstakes. Each month they give away either a classic Cracker Barrel rocking chair or a $100 Cracker Barrel gift card – winners get to choose!

It’s a quick and easy way to share your thoughts and maybe win a nice prize. Your feedback helps Cracker Barrel make sure they continue delighting customers.

How to take the Cracker Barrel Guest Survey by Phone?

You can take the Cracker Barrel Survey over phone, by calling at 800-467-0047.

The automated system will prompt you to enter the access code, date, and time printed on your Cracker Barrel receipt from your latest visit.

You’ll get a series of survey questions about your most recent experience there. Please give honest feedback on things like the food quality, customer service, restaurant cleanliness and your overall satisfaction.

Sharing candid opinions helps Cracker Barrel identify what they’re doing well and where they can improve.

After finishing the short phone survey, you’ll be entered into the ongoing monthly sweepstakes with a chance to win either a classic Cracker Barrel rocker or a $100 Cracker Barrel gift card.

Taking just a few minutes to complete the survey could lead to a nice win while also assisting Cracker Barrel in keeping customers happy.

Cracker Barrel Listens Survey Rules

Perks of completing the survey

You do not need to make a purchase at Cracker Barrel in order to take the survey or enter the sweepstakes. The survey and monthly drawings are open to everyone regardless of whether they have visited a Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Entry Periods For Cracker Barrel Survey 2024

Those entering the Cracker Barrel Survey Sweepstakes should note the sweepstakes has a defined entry timeframe. The current sweepstakes entry period runs from September 1, 2023 at 12:00:01 AM Eastern Time to February 28, 2024 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time. All sweepstakes entries must be received within these dates to be eligible for the prize drawings.

Survey PeriodEntry Period Start DateEntry Period End DateMail-In Entry Received By DateSurvey Period Drawing Date
112:00:01 AM ET on 09/01/2211:59:59 PM ET on 09/30/2210/02/2210/10/24
212:00:01 AM ET on 10/01/2211:59:59 PM ET on 10/31/2211/01/2211/10/24
312:00:01 AM ET on 11/01/2211:59:59 PM ET on 11/30/2212/01/2212/12/24
412:00:01 AM ET on 12/01/2211:59:59 PM ET on 12/31/2201/01/2301/10/24
512:00:01 AM ET on 01/01/2311:59:59 PM ET on 01/31/2302/01/2302/10/24
612:00:01 AM ET on 02/01/2311:59:59 PM ET on 02/28/2303/01/2303/10/24

Entering the Draw for the $100 Gift Card

Once you complete the Cracker Barrel customer satisfaction survey, you will have the opportunity to enter the $100 gift card drawing. To participate, fill out the survey through the end and check the box confirming you want to be included in the gift card drawing.

On the final survey page, ensure you click the “Submit Survey” button to officially finish and submit your feedback. This will enter you into the gift card drawing. Providing your candid opinions through the survey and submitting it fully qualifies you for a chance to win one of the $100 Cracker Barrel gift cards being given away.

Level up your Cracker Barrel $100 Gift Card Hunt!

Cracker Barrel’s calling your name, and $100 in delicious comfort food awaits! But how do you snag that tasty prize? Here’s the secret sauce to boost your winning odds:

1. Join the Guest Survey Posse: Sign up for the Cracker Barrel Guest Survey mailing list on their survey homepage. This puts you front and center for survey invitations, giving you a bigger bite at the chance to win.

2. Become a Cracker Barrel Regular (But Not a Nuisance): The more you visit, the higher the likelihood of getting selected for a survey. Just remember, being overly frequent might ruffle feathers with the staff. Find a happy medium that balances your taste buds with their comfort.

Bonus Tip: Be attentive! Check your inbox and snail mail regularly for survey invites. Don’t let that golden ticket get lost in the biscuit crumbles!

With these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to claiming your Cracker Barrel prize. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So pace yourself, enjoy the biscuits, and let the winning vibes flow!

P.S. Keep in mind that while these tips can help, winning any contest ultimately relies on random selection. But hey, the more you try, the closer you get to that mouthwatering victory!

Cracker Barrel Survey Contact Details

Need a helping hand with your Cracker Barrel experience? Whether you’re singing praises or seeking solutions, they’ve got you covered with multiple contact options. Here’s your cheat sheet to connect:

OptionBest ForDetails
PhoneUrgent matters, feedback1-800-333-9566 (Mon-Fri, 8 AM – 5 PM CST)
Online FormGeneral inquiries, suggestions
Online ChatReal-time assistanceAvailable on the Contact Us page
MailFormal feedback, address questionsP.O. Box 787, Lebanon, Tenn. 37088-0787

Need Cracker Barrel Survey contact details? Here’s How to Reach Them!

Pick Your Method:


Cracker Barrel’s success throughout the years can be attributed to many factors, but one of the most important is its commitment to customer feedback. The Cracker Barrel Survey is more than just a way to collect data; it’s a conversation between the restaurant and its patrons. By taking the time to fill out the survey, you’re not just sharing your opinion, you’re helping to shape the future of this beloved American institution.

So, the next time you’re enjoying a plate of country fried steak and gravy at Cracker Barrel, take a moment to complete the survey. Your voice matters, and it can help to make Cracker Barrel an even better place for everyone.


How can I contact Cracker Barrel?

What makes the Cracker Barrel experience so special?

It’s a symphony of things, not just a solo act:

What are the perks of being a Cracker Barrel employee?

They believe in taking care of their team, just like they take care of their guests:

Cracker Barrel isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an experience. And whether you’re a guest or a team member, there’s something special waiting for you. So next time you visit, savor the food, soak in the atmosphere, and be a part of their story!

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